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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paparazzi: Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley at the New York premiere of Nine.

I've been a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley since I was little. Their style is one of the most unique out there and many of have tried to imitate, but they can't do it like the original dumpster chic twins. But who I really want to focus on right now is Mary-Kate. 

Her Jacket: I love it. I zoomed in on the original photo and the jacket's diamonds are glittery. And the buttons are stars. 
Skirt/Dress: The black is simple and compliments her jacket and accessories. Fabulous. 
Jewels: The bracelets are simple, the red one sticks out, matches the jacket and draws your eyes toward her clutch.
Clutch: I'm still searching for it. It's gorgeous and MAKES the outfit. I can't find that shade of blue. 

According to, this is Mary-Kate leaving the office. This would also make a nice night look.

Once again, this would be plain and boring if MK hadn't added the woven clutch and the big ring.

Clutch: I can't find a relaxed style like hers, but I found one on by Michael Kors
Woven Raffia Clutch . And it's on sale for $140. A deal for some of us.
Ring: Mary-Kate seems like the earthy stone rings. I found these while looking for stone rings.
Booties: Forever 21 never fails to help us. The closest ones I could find.
I love the black again. I'm a big fan of black, it make mostly anyone look good. Just don't over do it. Take notes from Mary-Kate and keep your make up light and natural, after all, you're beautiful!

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