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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spotlight: Celebutante

Product: Benefit Cosmetics Celebutante
Price: $34

I purchased this at Sephora last week online. I ordered it last Sunday and it came that Tuesday. The shipping was fast (and free due to it being on the free shipping holiday list), the product was great and I got free samples of make-up remover, Very Hollywood perfume and temporary tattoos!

Benefit Cosmetics calls this "the personal stylist" and I can't help but agree. It has my two favorite eye shadow colors by Benefit, Leggy and Dandy Brandy. These are two shades that are very versatile for both day and night. It also comes with my favorite bronzer, Dallas. It's what I like to call the perfect texture of bronzer, it's not orange, it's not glittery and it has a sheer-opaque thing going for it. It can really highlight any skin tone because it has a rosy tint to it also. Celebutante has two lipsticks: Lady's Choice and No Competition. I've wearing Lady's Choice everyday to class. It's a nude color with a mix of light pink. It's very natural. No Competition is where the night part comes in. It's a plum/dark red color. It goes on really smooth and has moisturizing oils in it. Like every dark lip shade, make sure your lips aren't chapped or it's not going to be pretty. Celebutante also has a lipgloss in I'm With the Band. It's a shimmer pink/tan color. It comes off a bit quicker than I expected but is less sticky and more sheen than other lip glosses which is a plus! And it smells like candy! The other two tubes in the kit are two classic Benefit products. The first one is Benetint, cheek and lipstain. Three swipes and a quick rub will grant you a chic, cheery, rosy cheeks. And the last, but certainly not least: "The Supermodel in a Bottle"...High Beam. It will give you a glow that can lighten up your darkest days. It lives up to it's nickname.

I love it. It saved me tons of money by not having to individually buying all the products and I didn't have to buy brushes, either. The fluff eyeshadow and talent brush comes with it and so does the bronzer brush. Try it out and tell me what you think.   

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