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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spring 2010 Part One: What You Should Look For

Spring seems to always roll around way too fast for me. One minute it's bundling up and the next minute it's all about the jeans and rain jackets. With my help from, I've compiled for you a little guide of what to look for on your next shopping trip.

Dresses: One word: Flowy. Think of running in slow motion, the wind taking you dress behind you. Freedom. While flowy can also be a synonym for shapeless, it's your job to veer away from that.

My Runway Favorite:

This goes with the flowy ordeal, but has a band/belt around the natural waist to reveal your womanly shape. The navy  blue will look good on anyone and this isn't too revealing.

Pants...and what not: told me this is, "Marrakech Express". Google it. With a long time of not paying attention in class on my last day and with my eye for detail, I've come to this conclusion. The MC Hammer pants will live forever and if you like this trend, think of it as if you've just visited India, or Africa or Russia or took a safari ride...look wordly.

My Favorite:

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren really hit the nail on the head, in my opinion. I just love it. I'm not so sure about the head piece, which looks like a new version of the turban, but the rest of the outfit (minus the canteen) is in with me. Let's start with the colors, army green, white, shimmer. Perfect. The pants would work well on pretty much any shape. The shirt is a simple button jacket-blouse. It's just satin and more Ralph Lauren-ized. I don't think we should be afraid of this trend, we have to embrace it. It comes classics with a twist. The ankle strap shoes are light and delicate and the harem pants are relaxing. The shirt is something we all should own anyway.

Everything Else: While some of the Spring Things are airy and nice, the others have continued the everlasting trend of destroyed denim, bright colors and animal print galore.

My Favorite:

Narciso Rodriguez
I don't think you can ever go wrong with black and white, but it can boring. Unlike Betsey Johnson, Narciso Rodriguez sent his lines horizontal instead of the usual vertical. These jeans are nice because they look like they have a stretch to them, which makes the comfortable. With black shoes and a white top, you won't need accessories, but I wouldn't experiment with color too much if you don't want to lean toward punk.

Things to not be afraid of:
Fierce Pumps
Natural Make Up
Simple Hair
MC Hammer Pants
Shapeless Items (Still shape them though)

Coming up next...
Spring 2010: Where to Buy

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