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Monday, December 21, 2009

Trend: Sequins

I was a little worried when sequins came back in style. All I could think of was those big, slouchy, shapeless sequined bags all the "teenieboppers" were carrying. But the sequins are actually fun. I love sequins and when they're worn right, they are something beautiful. 


Haute Hippie Sequin Sweatpants
I like these. They're not silver, so you're not giving off the Michael Jackson back-up dancer look. You get your sparkle, but most of all, you get your comfort. They're pricey, but you'd probably where them everyday. 

Forever 21 Circle Ring Sequin Vest
I like this, it's simple. It looks formal and would be perfect with skinny jeans and heels or a long sleeved shirt and leggings. 

32 Flavors Horizontal Sequins Mini Dress

This looks summery. I like the shape of it. The sequins aren't overwhelming. 

Gap Mesh Chain Necklace 
I have this necklace. I wore it with a black jersey t-shirt dress, tights and heels I got two years ago at Forever 21. I've also worn it with a white slouchy shirt and jeans. 

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