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Friday, April 16, 2010

Prom Dress Central: BCBG MAX AZRIA

I know I haven't posted in a long time but my schedule has been all tooo busy! But here I am with a prom dress special. I still have a year until prom, but I'm still looking for the items that will be on sale later. I have been a fan of BCBG Max Azria for a long time. I think their looks are chic and always up to date but are never TOO trendy and ridiculous. Here are my favorite prom dresses (two of them are my personal choices!).

Strapless Printed Silk Gown $378
This is my, personal, number one pick for prom. I like the print on it, I think it's very spring-ish and prom-y. I also love the blues. It looks like a watercolor painting and will really set you apart from all of the metallic, glitzy dresses. It's super elegant and with the right shoes and accessories, it is a definite hit for any body type.

Strapless Printed Chiffon Gown $398
This is my second pick for prom. The purple is really regal and would be great for senior proms. I love the tie dye fabric, totally in for this season. I think it also unique. You want to stand out during prom, not blend in, right? I would go with black accessories and shoes like the model is wearing. Very bohemian and glam. 

Strapless Pleated Gown $448
I know a lot of people like blue. I think this is a good shade of blue. It isn't too wintery and is still springy. It is very classic and you could get away with it at different occasions. I think the dress does a lot of the talking and would go well with a lot of body types. 

Strapless Gown $338
A lot of people also like black for prom. Black is the ultimate no fail decision in a dress if it is done right. This dress is the definition of white. It isn't too blank because it has the white in there. With this dress you wouldn't have to worry about your jewelry coordinating with your dress as much and you could have fun with hair accessories, nails, shoes, etc. 

One Shoulder Silk Gown $358
I thought this yellow was perfect for prom. I like yellow prom dresses and most skin tones and body types are so great with yellow. This butter cream yellow is perfect for the spring season and great outdoor prom pictures. It also comes in white. Now, white in prom dresses can either look one out of two: 1. Cinderella-ish, but bad Cinderella... or 2) like a bride. Prom is a special occasion, but it is not your wedding. Save the white for your big day...and that doesn't mean prom! I would keep the accessories simple with this dress, you can wear glitzy jewelry and not be tacky, too. I think yellow cubic zirconium jewelry would also work. 

Strapless Gown With Waist Tie $298
I love this dress! I think the purple is nice for the season. If you've been on recent trip to Aruba and you are tan, this dress is perfect of you. This dress's waist tie would be perfect for accentuating your waist without being too showy and being more classy. 

Short Dresses:

Double Strap Halter Dress $258
I think this is really perfect for prom, in both colors. It's elegant and perfect for dancing. I like the gold heels with both dresses. Black would also be a good option. You wouldn't need a necklace with this dress. It is a statement all in itself. 

Strapless Cocktail Dress $358
I love this dress. I think this is versatile, you could wear it to prom as well as formal dinners, homecomings, and parties. This is another dress that already has personality so you wouldn't have to really worry about flashy accesories. I think the purple/grey on it adds the touch you need for it not to be so boring. I would not wear white shoes with this because it would be way too much. The shoes in the picture are perfect.

Strapless Tiered-Panel Dress $398
This dress is perfect if you want a more sexy approach to prom. It's still formal and has a lot of detail and speaks for itself. The detailing will slim you out but we all know when we have to break out the Spanx. I wouldn't wear this if you're big chested because it could be too revealing. 

Other Tips for Prom:
1. The best thing to do with your dresses is to get them fitted. You don't want it weird fitting in some places. Know when you have to have something loosened or taken in. Don't be in denial or you will look a mess. 
2. Have the right accessories. The best people to ask are the people who work at the store you are buying your dress at. You will probably be able to find the best accessories at the location you bought your dress. The accessories are a make or break in most cases so choose wisely.
3. If it doesn't look good, don't buy it. Know your color palette and take your most honest friend with you. The last thing you need to do is just not look right in a dress. No matter how in love you with a dress, if it doesn't go with your hair or your form or YOU, don't buy it. There are better dresses out there.
4. Find a lot of different options. If you have a selection, you will ultimately pick the best dress. You won't be limited, therefore, you won't be pressured into buying something you don't like. All of these dress were from BCBG, but they do have prom specialty stores out there with TONS of options. Another dress designer is Jovani, they make dresses for celebrities like Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff. 

You can buy the above dresses at BCBG.

[Photo Credit: BCBG]


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  2. I had the pink and purple one for prom! I LOVE IT!! :)

  3. That's great collection. I like these all. Thank you very much for sharing with us.

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