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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Style (Summer Version)

Okay, so in this post, I am going to talk about my personal style. It's probably a lot like any normal girl, but then again, maybe not. These are just some examples of what I would wear. I'm not going to go really in depth, it would take hours.

First off, excuse my Photo Shop skills. I'm new to it. 

So the t-shirt is from Ivy Sport. I am set on going to Yale University. It's been that way since 7th grade. I show pride in my undying ambition by sporting my Yale t-shirt. This one has a vintage feel to it, and it's a guy's shirt and gives me this free spirit, sexy feeling. The jeans are the Lexy A Pocket Petite jeans from 7 For All Mankind (Photo Credit: Nordstrom) I love these jeans because they have a stretch, and they hug all right places. They are a little bit low rise and I usually don't like that in jeans, but I've fallen in love with these. They were the best Christmas present ever from my aunt. The scarf is from Gap. I can't find a big, vintage looking scarf like the ones I wear, but this is close enough. I like Gap because they do the whole preppy, fresh thing without missing trends. Scarves are perfect for dressing up t-shirts. The shoes are from American Eagle and resemble the ones I bought there earlier in Spring. I wear gladiator sandals everyday in the summer, or just really cute sandals like these. I don't go for the whole matchy-matchy thing all the time. I usually get dressed quickly, so I don't care about my shoes. These sandals work because they are darker like the t-shirt and scarf in my opinion. The tote is Roxy from Nordstrom. This is about the size of my Juicy Couture tote that I cannot find a picture of whatsoever. But, I like big, huge bags that fit my life into it. In the summer I'm not too fond of switching bags so I pick something simple that would go with many outfits. I like the dash of pink this. The Friendship Bracelet is Juicy Couture from Nordstrom. I don't have this actual bracelet but in Pittsburgh we have a place called the Strip District where there's a bounty of eateries, bread makers, cheese stores, Obama-worthy pancakes, sun dresses, friendship bracelets and sports t-shirts. Last, but not least, the pearl earrings, also from Nordstrom. I wear these everyday without fail. They make me feel pretty, no need to say more. 

I own a bunch of Old Navy V-Neck T-shirts or "The Perfect T-Shirt". They frequent the dirty clothes pile because I wear them so much. They go with anything and are a definite must have! The skirt from Forever 21 (I direct linked it because every one needs one of these!) and it was extremely cheap... $8.50. If that's not a deal, then I don't know what is. The sandals are also from Forever 21. The wristlet is obviously Coach. I got a Coach wristlet a few years ago for Christmas and it is the ultimate going out accessory. It's easily accessible and not too hefty for walking around.

I love yoga pants. They are the best things in the world. Really. These are from Victoria's Secret. They're stretchy but make your butt look good. The tank top and the sports bra are both Aerie. Instead of wearing a bra and another tank top, a fun color sports bra subs for both. The Rainbow Sandals are from Nordstrom (Yes, I DO love that store.) These sandals are so comfortable, you'll never want to take them off. 

I hope you enjoyed my post :)

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