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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion Week Inspiration List

Not only have the majority of us have to deal with school, we also have to deal with Fashion Week. As incredible as going to New York would be right now, some of us are simply unable. Reviewing Fashion Week, I have come to the conclusion that is the biggest source of envy. When I see people with their Fashion's Night Out t-shirts tucked into their $500+ skirt, with their Lanvin shoes and matching bag, my heart hurts. We all wish we were there, even if we are in the 6th row... But envy, jealousy, or happiness, fashion is our inspiration. Fashion Week is the prime time to get your look for fall and take notes. I've compiled a list of my favorite pieces from oogling Style's party coverage and Tommy Ton's photography. Enjoy :)

Fashion Week Inspiration List

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