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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I'm Loving: October

I have a love/hate relationship with fall. I love a new season, I love not feeling that sticky humidity on my skin and I especially love the clothes! What I don't like is the coldness, the rainy-ness, and I'm pretty sure my professors pump up the quizzes and tests in the fall! Anyways, it's a lovely season bringing renewal to: the fashion world, the school world and the work world. Everybody has their favorite things about fall: from clothes to food.
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Here are my favorites so far: 

J.Crew Factory Long-Sleeve Lace Front Tee $49.50

[Photo Credit: Style]
This isn't really fall...but the Alexander McQueen Spring RTW 13 collection wowed me!

J.Crew Sparkle Row Cami $128
I love this shirt! It's so festive for holidays but it's also classy for work and laidback with jeans.

Vampy Red Lips! I've been seeing them everywhere and I think they are so classic. 

Work Custom Jeans--Mamba Leggara in Ox Blood $440
These are sooooooo pricey, too pricey, but I think they are so cool looking. I love the color and the leather adds that rebel punk feeling. 

[Photo Credit: Me!]
The farmer's market is so cool. I love fresh produce. Today, I picked up handmade goat's milk soap in Luscious Lavender, raspberries and apples! 

[Photo Credit: Me!]
My classic Dunkin' Donuts order: A pumpkin spice iced coffee with cream and a multi-grain bagel with butter. It cheers me up so much. 

What are your fall favorites?

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