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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Your Investment Handbag

Neverfull MM [Photo Credit]

I previously wrote about what fashion pieces to invest in, specifically, handbags, clothing and shoes. Currently, I am in the process of investing in a Louis Vuitton 'Neverfull MM' in the classic Damier pattern. Before making this decision, I went through a whole cluster of investment bags I had my eye on. After deciding on the MM, I had to choose a color. Then, I had to decide on a timeline for saving. After that, I had to decide where I was going to purchase it from--straight from LV or secondhand? In a nutshell, I know how complicated it is to choose your dream investment bag! I've made this guide to ease the anxiety/worry/anger in choosing yours.

Step 1: Narrow Your Choices Down to Five.
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle [Photo Credit]

You may have your eye on 10 bags, but you have to be honest with yourself. Pick five that will outlive you style-wise. Pick five that fit your lifestyle. Pick five that would be you in a nutshell. If you only have five bags (or even less!) then you're already ahead of the game.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Marc Jacobs Stam [Photo Credit]

You're probably like, "Duhhhhh!!!" But let's do some serious research. Act like it's for a history class.
Here's what to research:

  • Dimensions--Height, length, width. Tote, handbag, top handle, or multiple strap options?
  • Usage--Are you taking this to the office, classrooms, or dinner parties? Find your handbags environment. 
  • Price--How much money am I investing? 
  • History--I don't mean go find out when it debuted, but you need to see where this handbag is usually seen. Is it practical for your lifestyle? 
  • Versatility--Can this handbag easily transition from day to night? Is that a quality you want? 
  • Stuff--What can I fit in this thing?! 
How to do your research: 
  1. YouTube is seriously the beacon of handbag research. It allows you see your handbag functioning. There are YouTube users like, bjtaylor02, who model designer handbags, show you much stuff you can fit in them and compare them to similar handbags. For example, when I was deciding on whether or not a Neverfull MM or PM would be best for me, I watched her video where she compared the two. It showed me that the PM might be too big for me and that the MM is a bit smaller and more functional. Also, "What's In My Purse?" videos are great for getting to know your bags. 
  2. PurseBlog not puts up kickin' handbags for your to droll over, but they put up pics of celebrities carrying your dream bags. They do reviews of collections, too. Most importantly is PurseBlog has a forum of real people who buy/have bought your investment bags. They aren't being paid to review the bags and they give honest opinions. Look up your bags!
  3. The actual purse is the best place to do handbag research. Seeing your bags in person can be the moment where you realize that its the one and vice versa. 
Step 3: Pick Your Bag (and color):

Gucci Striped Monogram Boston Bag [Photo Credit]

This is probably the hardest step, because you're like, "I just want them all!" and your bank account is all like, "No way!" But think of the bag you put on your list first, think of the one your mind keeps going back to, and most importantly, think about the one that your gut is telling to you to get. The decision is easier than you think, you just have to really think about it. Depending on your bag, there might be various colors/patterns. Once you choose your bag, this will so easy. Pick what matches your wardrobe more and pick what you'll want to wear more.

Step 4: Determine a Savings Timeline [Optional]:

Determining a savings timeline for your investment handbag, if you need to save up for it, will keep you on track and will show you how good or bad your willpower is. You make a calendar for your savings or have a jar. You can set-up a cute box in your bedroom. You can save a certain amount everyday or week somewhere. This step is optional though because maybe you're going to use your hefty income tax check to pay for your dream bag. Choose a savings plan that you can commit to and will enjoy carrying out until its time to buy your bag.

What's your investment bag? How did you go about choosing it? 

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