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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Big Annual End of the Year Clean Out

I'm a big believer in Karma. I think if you give, you get. What goes around, comes around. You should clean out your closet every year in order to refill it. That's why I am going to share with you, my handy list of what to give, throw and keep.

-Jeans you've been wearing for the whole year and are getting loose/tight.
         Reason: They are going to keep getting looser/tighter. There is no going back from here. One of my favorite pair of  Abercrombie jeans that I've had for about a year and a half now started to get tighter in the biggest part of my body: my thighs. You don't want that. They will start to get way worse. Somebody else will appreciate them.
-Ultra trendy tops that aren't really practical anymore.
         Reason: You don't ever want to look out of place. Being different is one thing, but say you were wearing a Victorian style dress in today's world? If you aren't totally attached to the piece and if it was a Forever 21, cheap buy, give it to Goodwill.
-Things that you haven't worn.
         Reason: My mom is an avid Goodwill and vintage shopper. Her biggest obsession is things with tags still on them, or things that you can tell are brand spankin' new. She's bought tons of really beautiful sweaters from places like Saks, Macy's and Prada (Yes, Prada!) at Goodwill and vintage stores for practically nothing. If you aren't wearing it now, you probably never will. And if you've worn it once and haven't looked at it since you hung it up again, let your trash be someone else's treasure.
-Jewelry that is ultra trendy and way out of style.
         Reason: I give my costume jewelry to a local consignment store and the lady can't believe how fast it sells. People love the zany jewelry you are holding hostage in your jewelry box, don't keep them waiting.
-Shoes that you don't wear.
          Reason: No matter how old or how new, people love shoes. You should clean out your shoes the most often because according to a lot of people, they always buy trendy shoes and only wear them once. This is wasteful, give them away.

-Anything with unmanageable holes in them.
      Reason: I have jeans that have seen their better days, from holes in the butt, to those frayed, mud-stained bottoms. Throw them away.
-Worn out anything.
       Reason: If you had a shirt that was pink and it is now working it's way down to off-white, throw it away.
-Old Make-up.
        Reason: Not really a closet thing, but bacteria is a girls worst enemy. It can cause colds, illnesses, and weird skin thingies. Pitch!
-Broken jewelry, or cheap jewelry.
        Reason: I know there are certain stores I go into and buy a necklace strictly for one night and one night only because I know it will break, or start to give off that unwanted metal smell after the second wear. You don't these, nor does anyone else.

-Anything you are really attached to.
         Reason: Your favorite hoodie, your coolest shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, the socks you wore on your first date. There are some things you can't and will never part with and that is totally fine.
-Layering items.
          Reason: I can't shop at Hollister or Abercrombie anymore, but my old tanks from my hay days are still amazing. They're thin, stretchy and make great for layering. Layering is essential in a wardrobe. Keep!
-Classics and basics.
           Reason: You can never have too many plain v-necks or too little black dresses. You need nice jeans, good high heels, practical flats and plain colored shirts.
            Reasons: Unless they are falling apart or really out of style, handbags can be used for a long time. They are a big part of the closet.


  1. This is so true and reminds me of the scene in Sex and The City (the movie) when Carrie is cleaning out her closet with the girls. I will be doing this. Great post, Kaitlin!

  2. PS. Where do you and your mom thift? What consignment store do you sell to? I need new stores to hit up, especially for vintage! I have a Goodwill phobia I need to get over. It smells funky in there but I know good things await. I'm just not patient enough.

  3. Thank You!
    I thrift at Consignment on Centre and there's two places in the Southside my mom goes to, idk what they are called.