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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things You Need to Spend Money On...Now

A Nice Coat
We're not talking the "it's trendy so let's buy it" we're talking something that is timeless. This Admiral Coat
from Ralph Lauren. A nice coat will look for work everyday and can pull your whole outfit together. You might want black, brown and/or grey so you don't clash with your outfits.

Good Jeans
You need jeans that will be with you like a marriage partner, for better and for worse, til death due you part. Jeans should grow with you. Levi's do that. This pair is their straight leg jeans. They get the job done.

A Good Pair of Heels
You should spend money on good heels. You really will get your money's worth. Classic heels can make an outfit. Even if you're wearing a v-neck and jeans. Everyone dreams in Choos and why not treat yourself?


Good Lipstick in YOUR Perfect Color
You should find your perfect shade. Try out brands at the department stores or Sephora. Just experiment and you'll find it.
Your Signature Scent
You can experiment with perfume for different occasions, but like relationships, you should eventually settle down with one.  

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