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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Favorite Flats

Flats are an essential part of any girls wardrobe, just like heels and a cute dress is. Flats are good for both night and day, dressed up or down.

American Eagle
AE Ballet Flat $29.50
These are cute and come in Light Pewter and Gold. They can add a sparkle to your favorite jeans and t-shirt combo or add glimmer to your favorite dress. These shoes are lined with chambray, so your feet don't get stinky, we all know that happens. With a low price tag and AE's constant sales, these flats are a must-have.

London Sole
Pirouette $145

These flats remind me of the feel of real ballet shoes. They are comfortable and form to your feet in a way so that they are uniquely yours. They come in a wide variety of colors so they can go with anything in your closet and London Sole sells many styles of ballet flats so might never have the same exact pair as someone else. But be careful, you might find yourself grand jete-ing around!

Elizabeth and James
Randi Suede Button Flats $235
These are the type of flats that you would live in. They are simple and have a cute detail so you're not being boring.

Christiane Calf Hair Ballet Flats $228
J.Crew has really stepped their game up. They have become more chic and fashionable. These cheetah/leopard print flats should be a key point in every girls closet. I think they are timeless and can had pizzazz to any outfit. If you want a lower price tag, you won't have to look far for other cheetah/leopard flats.

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