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Friday, January 1, 2010

Fashionable Boy: Aubrey 'Drizzy Drake' Graham

There are some boys who have never sacrificed their style, knowing what's up for the next season, always looking polished, even in sweats and t-shirt. Then there are those boys who just never found their style. *Moment of Silence*. But one boy has been catching my eye since he was on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Some of you may know him as his rapper name/middle name of Drake and then there's those true blues who know him as 'Jimmy', the kid who got shot by his classmate trying to be a hero, which left him in a wheelchair. Whatever he played or whatever name he goes by now, he's still dresses cool and there's no other name for that.

Aubrey Graham has his own blog: October's Very Own. It's as cool as him. The pictures that are about to follow are from his blog, so give him all of the credit. Drake, is one of my favorite rappers....and one of my crushes. :) This blog made me fall more in like with him. October's Very Own is a place for Aubrey to share his likes and his music, articles he finds interesting, and a place to clear up rumors. It's not updated as much as it used to be, but it's still worth going back in to March, when he first started and reading all the way up to December.

Kid Cudi (Left) and Drake (Right)

A Picture of Aubrey Drake from Interview Magazine. He's looking serious.
I'm loving the formal attire. Very James Bond.

 Drake and Co. (Drake's all the way to the right) What's that he's holding?
I don't know, but he's pulling off the complete sweatsuit and the Ray-Bans.

Drake and his friend.

Simple look (besides the hat), he does it.

October's Very Own features interviews with Tom Ford from Interview Magazine and videos of Drake, himself. Aubrey updates his blog with his favorite fashion lines, his favorite shoes and his favorite people (including Megan Fox). Check him out. Thank him later.

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