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Monday, January 4, 2010

How To Wear This Season's Cargo Pants

I know, I feared the cargos too. But I actually like them. If you go back to my Spring Fashion Review, Ralph Lauren executed them perfectly. Here's a few cargos and what to wear them with. P.S....Happy New Year!!

New York & Company City Style Zip Cargo Pants 
Price: On Sale for $7.99 DEAL!!!
I can't say I don't like these. They are tailored and perfect for this season. Get them while you can!

What to Wear These With:

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Slim-Fit Stretch Poplin Shirt
Price: $145
I didn't pick this shirt because her pants are khaki, I picked this shirt because it resembles something most of us have in our closets. I would tuck this shirt in (once again, not inspired by the picture).

Jessica Simpson Staria Pumps
Price: $92.00
You don't want to be matchy-matchy with accesories. Brown always compliments khaki, darker browns. I like these shoes in Cognac. They'll also add definition and length to your legs so the cargos don't cut you off.

Diane von Furstenberg Lady Leather Gladiator Sandals
Price: $295
I love gladiators and heels, so if you like both, you'll also love these. They are around the same color as the JS one, but more chic and not so classic.


J.Crew Ripstop Cargo Pants 
Price: $79.50
These pants come in three colors, I like the faded black for our next look. These pants are soft and comfortable and less formal.

What to Wear Them With:

Gap Double Knit Blazer
Price: $59.50
I like this blazer. It's not too fitted and not too loose. It's shrunken and looks super comfy...that's always what pulls me in.

Gap The Pocket Boyfriend T
Price: $19.50
This should be in your closet already. It comes in a bunch of colors, feel free to experiment!

Boutique 9 Glory Sandals
Price: $130.00
I love these sandals, I have a pair just like them. They will add a little extra to this otherwise plain outfit but won't be overwhelming with the cargos and blazer.

What to Wear With Both:

Forever 21 Brava Bracelet Set
Price: $7.80
Any simple gold bracelets would look good with either of these outfits.

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