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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sweetest Scents

I love perfume...and lotion...and bodyspray.. I can't help myself when something smells good, I HAVE to buy it. Here's my Scent It List! :)

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy 
This is my current scent. I've been wearing it for about a year now. I love it. When I put it on in the morning it instantly wakes me up. It's the right balance of fruity and warm. Buy it here.

Dior Miss Dior Cherie 
I fell in love with this scent while reading a magazine. I thought the ad was brilliant (a beautiful model looking windswept holding a hundred balloons in bright colors) and the scent was even better. It's the perfect scent for during the day. Buy it here.

Benefit My Place or Yours Gina 
This reminds me a little bit of Viva La Juicy, but this Benefit scent inspired by four imaginary beauty girls truly stands on its own. I love the scent, the vanilla, patchouli and fruits mix well together and make you feel sexy. That's important, isn't it? Buy it here.

Benefit Something About Sofia
This is one of Gina's gal pals, Sofia. Sofia is for you true individuals who like going out on limb with their fashion choices and setting the trends and not following them. This smells like a tropical fruit bowl mixed with oriental flowers. Buy it here.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
This scent is lighter than most, but it's powerful. If you've never seen the ads, go look because that's how I would describe this perfume. It's light and airy and reminds me of being tan, on a boat, somewhere in the ocean.


Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF 20 Moisturizer
I got this as a sample from Sephora. I use it everyday now. It helps my skin stay protected and gives it just the right amount of moisture that my face wash takes away. It won't make you look oily and will help your skin survive the winter months! Buy it here.

Victoria's Secret Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream
If it's one thing I know about Victoria's Secret, they do beauty products well. This body cream will show a change in your skin within a week, I know first hand because I have the most dry skin in the world. I use this everyday in Strawberries and Champagne. Buy it here.

The Body Shop Peach Body Butter 
The Body Shop's Body Butter is so soft, even going onto your skin and the smell is amazing. It smells like the actually thing, not chemicals. Your skin will love you.

Body Spray

Bath and Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Splash
This reminds me of laying out in the sun. I love this scent and it's truly universal.

Carol's Daughter Mango Melange 
This for those of you who are vegans or just like natural smelling body products. This stays on long and isn't too strong.

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