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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mini Style Lecture

I'm sorry for not updating, but I've been extra busy with school. I've taken up reading again (Beautiful Boy by David Sheff is FANTASTIC!) and started worrying about the rest of my life...Anyways. I had some encounters at school about style. What is style? What's the style? How are you IN style? Well here's my whole out look on it.

Style doesn't mean you are trendy or even "cool". Style is how you present yourself to the world. When you are dressed how YOU like and how you want the world to look at you, that's what you call style. You have to create it. Sure, you can look at all the fashion magazines, the blogs, the websites, the people and the stores, but style is not buying the same exact outfit that's on the mannequin. It's taking pieces from different places, or even pieces from the same place and making them who you are. You should emulate your personality, vivacious or plain. Even in your sweatpants days and your not-matching days. Be your best at all times. I've seen girls pull of their sneakers and sweatpants better than girls in YSL. Carry yourself. Have confidence in whatever you're wearing. It makes or breaks you. People say it all the time: Be yourself. It's true, to have style, you simply have to be yourself.  

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