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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was watching the History Channel on my day off due to being exhausted. It inspired me to delve into my biggest fashion icons...the Hippies :)

This is the best dress I've found. I'm in love with it and I cannot wait to buy it! It is in it's entirety, hippie.

This is another hippie-to-the-core piece. It is a must have. You could wear it in spring or fall.... I would wear it with gladiators or leather sandals!

I really like this because it looks comfortable. You can throw this on any day and it could be unique every day. With shoes and jewelry, this dress is essential.

Other than being a hippie essential, this is a closet essential. This sweater is like Victoria's Secret 100 Ways Bra: The possibilities are endless. Hippies like me appreciate clothing items like this wrap because they go a million different ways and are simple.

From the style queen herself, Nicole Richie, this necklace is earthy, natural and unique. Buy it as soon as it comes out!

The hippies loved their head pieces. This House of Harlow 1960 one is glam and relaxed. It doesn't get any better.

If you don't want to venture the vintage stores and find your own tie-dye dress, then this is perfect for you. The maxi dress is enough of an outfit paired with sandals or glads.

With a nice bootcut leg and destroyed finishes, these jeans are perfect. I'm the biggest 7 fan in the world, so I know there is a jean for everyone in their line, even the hippies.

I love this polo. It's perfect for those days where you HAVE to dress up, but is perfectly sun-washed and nice fitting. Also great for closet hippies

I love these boots. They are relaxed and before you know it they will be on sale and you'll have them for next winter!

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