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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spring 2010 Part Two: Beauties on the Runway

Other than the amazing clothing, handbags and shoes is the faces of the models. The beauty aspect of the runway is almost as well thought out as the couture. Here's some highlights from the runway. (Photo Credit:

Christian Dior
This was one of my favorite looks. It was classic and colorful.

I'm lovin' the Glamour Age hair and the red lips! 

To hold in the wigs, the girls had to get their hair braided under. I think it would look just fine without the wig, those braids are wonderful!

Pretty, pretty sky blue eyes. 


I love the highlights and the coral lips. Dare I say, fierce? 

That hair is like Marie Antoinette and Lady Gaga's hair-child.

I can't get over the hair arrangement.

It looks even better in the back!

Marc Jacobs

This look is intense. Can't wait to go beauty window shopping for the materials!


With eyes closed, it looks simple.

(This will accompany my review of her Spring 2010 collection. One word: Fabulous.)

Karlie Kloss is simply darling.

The purple eyeliner and the loose hair seems so easy but so...beautiful at the same time.


Purple and nude.

Check out for Part 2.1 for where to buy!!!

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