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Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P. [Lee] Alexander McQueen

Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen

I think everyone in the fashion world came to a startling halt for a moment when hearing about the death of one of the most successful and amazing designers, Alexander McQueen. He was 40 years old. McQueen had been through the suicide of one of his dear friends, Isabella Blow and the death of his mother last Tuesday. McQueen was found yesterday in his London flat, said to have hanged himself. Alexander McQueen was one of the most influential designers of our day. Just one week from London Fashion Week where he was supposed to debut his newest collection, we are feeling the gap where McQueen should be. He will always be in our hearts. He was a great man and he will sincerely be missed. 

You can view McQueen's collections at

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