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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Makeup Makeover and Love for Kim Kardashian

(Photo Credit: We Heart It)

I'm a big Kim Kardashian fan. I think her look is sexy, yet cute at the same time. I really love her makeup the most though. I am determined to figure out how to do it exactly. I know she recently released a gift set in honor of Mother's day with a mini version of her signature scent and an eye and lip palette. That is all too easy for me. I've been watching some make up tutorials on YouTube and it made me realize how much drugstore brand products I've been buying. My last Sephora purchase was the Celebutante palette from Benefit Cosmetics. It isn't for sale anymore. It included two lipsticks, a deep red and a pink/nude (love!), two eye shadows (I've been using almost daily, their Dallas bronzer (gone now), High Beam highlighter and a double sided brush. My Two Faced Pink Leopard bronzer is gone as well... and I am in desperate need of self tanner because I am so pale do to me running around with no time to soak up the sun. So, you need money to buy these fancy cosmetics, right? I got a two week babysitting gig. This accompanies my lack of love for children but the cash is worth it.With makeup, I'm going to save some money and maybe you should take some notes too :)

I don't use tons of eyeshadow everyday and I mostly use browns/neutrals because I don't like to over do my makeup. I do sometimes like to experiment. If I'm wearing a mostly black or plain outfit, it's always fun to spark it up with a fun color. Palettes work really well in my case, I can use my basics, but still have fun. I don't have to spend money on a billion single eye shadows either. I can get the best of both worlds all in one package. A lot of palettes also have eye liner or the line's "cult product". These are of great value, for a small price.

Sephora Shopping List Item #1:
You Get: 10 Shadows, a brush, and a travel-sized Eye Shadow Primer Potion. 

I use bronzer daily. It's almost like foundation for me except I don't put it all over my face. I don't use foundation, just concealer, so my bronzer is like my "base coat" for my face. It doesn't go away as fast as foundation would for a lot of people. I liked Benefit's Dallas but I fell in love with their Hoola. It's more natural looking and more tan and not rosy. 

Sephora Shopping List Item #2:

Okay, I always look like the bad guy when it comes to being tan. I am constantly tan. It is my excuse to not wear foundation. It makes me look like I just got off the plain from Huntington Beach. My love for bronzer, the art of surfing and hippies has made me a tanning junkie. But to reduce my risk of skin cancer, I have stopped using the tanning bed. But why go back to my Edward Cullen color when I love when I'm tan? I don't have to. Thanks to St. Tropez, I can keep my tan all year round. I've heard nothing but good about this product. It's only downfall is it's price. But I've done the math and I would be able to use the tanning bed 4 times or buy 5 bottles of tanning oil or 2 bottles of lotion. I can keep my tan with St. Tropez's Self Tan Bronzing Lotion for 5-7 days and reapply when it starts to fade. St. Tropez even tells me how to put on my self tanner professionally. I have to thank College Fashion writer Elizabeth for her article because I wouldn't have known about this video or how amazing this lotion is. 

Sephora Shopping List Item #3:
$40 for 8 oz.

When I figure out which eyeshadows I need to master the Kim K look, I will report. I am absolutely excited to buy all these new things. I want to try them all out really soon or I might burst. 

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