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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obsessions of The Moment

The Scarf
Mint to Be Scarf (Buy)
Literally 5 minutes before I wrote this, I got an email from Style and this scarf was there. It was destiny and when I get some cash, I will own this scarf. I might even go to the store since it's close to my house. It has a airy breeze to it (the theme of the Style newsletter) and I think I could bring it into the winter. 

The Music

Eminem's Recovery (Buy)
Marshall Mathers has a way with words. It is totally evident in his new cd, Recovery. I really enjoyed it. He might be angry, but he is one of few rappers nowadays that isn't singing about some girl or some weed, he sings about his emotions. This isn't for ears who aren't used to Em's angry lyrics, be aware. All I have to say is...he's baaaackkk. 

The Camera

Sony Cyber-Shot 14.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera- Red (Buy)
My other camera went bye bye at Disney World after it got knocked out of my aunt's hand. It wasn't totally finished, but it wasn't up to par. I was lucky and saved my money quickly and bought this camera. The pictures are really good quality. I was impressed. 

A short but sweet entry. I'm going to update more often, I have just had a lot of summer work for school. I've also been volunteering and working on starting my own bracelet company :) 

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