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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Greats Deals

I have been such a bad blog owner and am probably writing this to no one who will see it, but I got some great deals I am totally excited about.

Rule #1 in my fashion book:
Wait til it goes on sale!

Gull Wing Dress from Anthropologie. 
Originally $168 
On sale for $89.95
Got it for $64.00
Anthropologie had a 25% off sale, which involves them moving their sale room to the front, right by the doors, me rushing over there and scouring the racks for my favorite items that I don't see online anymore. I found this after looking around and losing hope until a girl put it back. I went straight to the cashier, only to find out that one of the loops holding the belt was broken. She took an extra 5% off! 

Free People Psychedelic Nouveau Tank 
Originally $58 
On sale for $29.95
I love this tank! Perfect for summer. It's lightweight, loose and colorful. 

Ficklin Crossbody Bag from Aldo
Originally $38
On sale for $22.98
This is another great summer addition. I think I can use this in the fall too. I love it, I've never really shopped at Aldo, just browsed, but now I know I am definitely going back. 

In the's not about quantity, it's about quality! I love the things I bought and will use them for YEARS to come!!

xo Kaitlin

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