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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Model Crush: Karlie Kloss

I have an undercover crush on Karlie Kloss. My family says its because she looks like my older sister, but I would never give myself that much credit. In my opinion, she seems like she's a normal girl, not some snobby, ciggerette-smoking supermodel. And...she's supposedly dating Joe Jonas? Whoever she dates, she's still my favorite model! Here are some of my favorites pictures of her, all courtesy of New York Magazine

[Karlie's Classic Stare and barely any makeup=flawless]

More Karlie Adoration...

A really neat blog, Into The Gloss, has features of designers, models, people we all love, etc. go through their beauty/makeup loves. Karlie was on there this past November. Check out the article here and see the other picture that accompanies the one above. (How cute is her dog?!) 

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