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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Inspiration

Taylor Tomasi-Hill for the Austrailian brand Orton by Jak & Jil
I'm really in love with this bag, her skirt and her shirt in this picture. My next H&M trip will include a striped shirt. 

Photograph by The Satorialist
The print on this woman's wrap/skirt remind me of the 70s and the new Balenciaga collection. I can't wait to have fun with prints for the fall. 

"Fragrant Smoke" by Jak & Jil 
Once again, I am loving prints. Aurora Sansone (right)'s Aquilano Rimondi dress is a winner in my book.

Rumi from Fashion Toast 
Her personal style is very close to mine and I absolutely love this look. 

Gold/Brown Eye Makeup
I found this on my computer. I love gold and brown together in why not makeup? 

Grey Peacoat by Tommy Hilfiger
It's a classic.

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