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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reflection on Anna Wintour

Reflection on Anna Wintour
Many people who I associate with, friends, family, teachers, always ask, "Who?" when I talk about Anna Wintour. She's usually mentioned in sentences like, "One day, I want to work for Anna Wintour." or "One day, I will BE Anna Wintour." To describe to people why I would like to emulate or become Anna Wintour, I say, "She is the Editor-In-Chief at Vogue magazine." 

Nobody understands, still. So I tell them, "That movie, The Devil Wears Prada, that was based off of her..."
Then everybody goes, "Oh god!! Why would you want to work for her?!" 

But there are many reasons:

1) She has made an impression in fashion for women, because essentially, fashion was ran mostly by men since the beginning of time. 

2) She is responsible for making Vogue look organized, spotless and creative. Vogue is the Bible of the bookstore when it comes to fashion magazines. Women relish Vogue, Vogue relishes women, women who relish Vogue relish it because of Anna Wintour slipping a love scent in between every Louis Vuitton ad and every article about haute couture and cellulite. 

3) Anna Wintour isn't perfect. She just looks like it. In her 60 Minutes interview, she reveals quite clearly that she did not like school. It wasn't her thing. She dropped out. She is a real person. Call her an alien all you want.

4) Her wardrobe. The women has $250,000 shopping budget, a hair and makeup team and composure. She does not bare it all and does not go around seeking attention. I admire this most of all. I am glad women like to express themselves, do as you please, but do it with class. I have a harder time admiring Snooki than I do Kat Von D. 

5) She is a bitch. She does not hand people what they need to do on a silver platter. She babies nobody. Her steel-cold exterior has gotten her further than most politicians, who, quite frankly, should take some notes from her. Her membrane is permeable. She does not take people's shit. She had to work her ass off to get to the top of that mast head and so should everybody else. 

Those are just a few, but those are the top reasons I'm going into the cut and dry field of journalism with a sense of hard work awaiting for me. I don't want it to be easy, I want it to be worth it. Everything Anna Wintour possesses and everything that the world critisizes her for, she has worked for. I want to work for something. Whether it be editor-in-chief at Vogue or fashion director at Marie Claire. 

In all, I admire Anna because she is a woman of stature. While she may not believe she has done much for women, because I don't believe she would categorize herself as any kind of feminist nonetheless a fashion icon, but she is to me. It is because Anna has not defined herself as any one thing that leaves her mysterious and evolving. There is an Anna in most people, if they choose to find it, that's their choice. 

Watch Anna Wintour's 60 Minute interview here:

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